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A to Z of Sex Therapist – C is for Clitoris; How much do you know?

Shockingly, it was 2005 before the world of science fully understood what happened to the clitoris when it was stimulated. 

Dr Helen O’ Connell, an Australian Urologist, had been on a quest to understand the anatomy of the clitoris given that so much had been known for years about male genitalia and pleasure. It was time the world caught up and cared enough about pleasure in the female body.

The clitoris is a small but powerful organ that plays a hugely important role in sexual pleasure. It’s located on the front of the vulva. The clitoris can bring sensations that range from mild to intense.

However, despite its importance, many people don’t know much about the clitoris or how it works. Even those who are lucky enough to have one as part of their body. Here’s a look at why the clitoris is so important, and what you need to know about this amazing organ.

The only function of the clitoris is to provide sexual pleasure. It contains thousands of nerve endings that are highly sensitive to stimulation, making it an important part of any sexual experience. In fact, most women will struggle to reach an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Therefore, understanding how it works can be essential for enhancing sexual pleasure.

How does the Clitoris work?

Interestingly, the clitoris is structurally similar to the penis, both have the same parts, just arranged differently. Externally, the head (glans) of the clitoris is where most of the nerve endings are located and where most of the stimulation takes place during sex or masturbation. The glans of the clitoris can be found under the clitoral hood.

The internal body of the clitoris sits behind the vulva and runs all the way down into the pelvis and attaches itself to the pubic bone. Internally you will find the shaft and the crura, the erectile tissue which gets larger in size and becomes hard when aroused and during sex. So, the female body can experience erections too! This means that even when you can’t see or feel your clitoris externally, you may still be able to feel its effects internally!

How Can You Stimulate It?

When stimulating your clitoris, you may want to use plenty of lubrication and start with light touches before gradually building up pressure as desired.

Experiment with different types of touch such as rubbing circles around it or using vibrators or other sex toys on it and try different positions, such as lying on your front or placing pillows under your bottom or the base of your back when lying face up.

Remember that everyone likes different types of stimulation so don’t be afraid to explore what feels best for you!

There is a wonderful resource which will teach all about female pleasure and masturbation. There is a charge, but it’s well worth it. Check out

Get to know your clitoris and have fun exploring 😊

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