Time to look to the future and discover what your sex life could be like

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Just imagine for a moment that there were no ‘social norms’ around sex. No cultural standards or expectations, no written word about how often we should be having sex, what sex should look like and feel like. Just imagine that sex could be just what you wanted it to be!

What is Sex Education and Coaching? And Why is it different from Therapy?

Many of us understand the term ‘coach’, which has become much more prominent over the last two decades as a profession. We have sports/exercise coaches, business coaches, money coaches, life and mindset coaches. Sex education and coaching is very similar. Supporting our clients towards reaching a goal using our knowledge and experience, in a structured and focused way.

Coaching is about looking to the future. And although we look back and who you’ve been in the past, diagnosis and treatment plans are not part of the work. It works really well as a next step from therapy if you want to continue the journey to discover more about yourself. It is full of education, ideas and actions you could take and focuses on pleasures. Coaching is broken down into 3 parts:


Who you are

This isn’t therapy, however looking back to who you are and where you came from, is an important step for moving forward.

We’ll guide you on a journey to revisit your past and delve into your beliefs and where they came from.

We’ll support you to create a plan of where you want to be in the future, and how you want sex to look for you, in a safe way.


One of the greatest downsides to our education system is the lack of available sex positive-sex education. Most complain that they didn’t get the right information at the right time, and it was delivered badly with a focus on sex being about unwanted pregnancy and STIs. Helpful information about consent, autonomy, our sexual anatomy, intimacy, relationships and pleasurable sex remained unknown topics.

When we work together, we fill in the blanks, dispel the myths, talk about the science and the facts and help you to understand ‘why’.


This is where the coaching begins. You’ll be encouraged to take action, supported by the resources we’ll give you, which will help you now and going forwards throughout your life.

Together we will discuss the actions that you can take, to delve deeper into who you are as a sexual being, all tailored towards answering your questions, exploring your desires, and reaching the goals we’ve agreed on together at the outset.

“Jessica is helping me to find new, exciting and varied ways to achieve my first orgasm. She is very open, friendly and knowledgeable, and I feel comfortable discussing intimate details of my relationship and sex life. She has helped to bring pleasure and spice back to my life!”

Jo (mid 40s)

The lack of good sex education available, makes coaching sessions great for just about anyone. However, consider whether you have any previous issues or trauma around sex for which you may need to seek therapeutic help first.

People come to us to sit and talk about sex, to have a non-judgemental ear to share their thoughts and desires, ask their questions, and to be encouraged to discover more. Whether you want more confidence to talk about sex with a partner or whether you wish to learn skills to bring you to orgasm in different ways, there is a vast list of things to talk about.

Coaching starts with a ‘Who You Are’ 1.5hr appointment where we cover where you are now, what your wishes are and where you want to get to. We can then start on your path to your ideal sexual self. For some, this session is all they want and need to move towards a more #sexpositive life. For those who want more support, more ideas, and more guidance, ongoing coaching sessions can be arranged.

If you would like to book an initial ‘who you are’ session, then contact us today.