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#SexPositive Sex Education for Grown-Ups

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If you are wondering how your sex life could be better, I have much to tell you. I have developed a sex education program, especially for adults, full of sex-positive information.

If you want a straight-talking, honest, open dialogue about sex, then this course is for you.

If everyone was brought up with sex-positive attitudes and sex-positive sex education, I would be out of a job!

We are not given a manual, and for many people, little to no information came from the adults around us or school sex education. Most of us had to pick up information wherever we could as we grew up.

Unfortunately, because sex isn’t a subject that people talk about naturally, easily, openly, and honestly, a lot of that information may likely have been misleading, inaccurate, and in some cases, an outright lie.

When it comes to sex, if we have problems or concerns, where do we go or who can we talk to? Finding helpful answers can be very difficult.

Most of the common problems that my clients present with, in my therapy room, are sorted out quite quickly and simply with some psychosexual education. The reason for that is that the sex education that most people received, if any at all, had a lot to do with how babies were made and very little to do with actually having, and enjoying sex. To receive the most pleasure from sex, we need to understand what desire is and how arousal works. We also need to understand the importance of intimacy, and exactly how our brain and our body manages all things sexual. We need to understand who we are as sexual beings, whom we are attracted to, what we want, and what we are not comfortable with.

We need straightforward, factual, information on the things we might worry about, like how we feel about our genitals, the content of our fantasies, why orgasms aren’t happening, and whether masturbation is healthy.


This course is designed to give you the sex education that you missed out on. To help you to look at yourself, and your sex life in a new sex-positive way. It’s my greatest wish that it will start you on your journey to a more fulfilling sex life.

In this course, you’ll learn:

How the course works….

Once you’ve purchased the course, you’ll receive a confirmation email with login details for an immediate start; there’s no time like the present. You will move through the course module by module, starting with the welcome video and guide.

This course comprises of 24 videos, 5 pdf activity sheets and over 20 reflection questions.

WARNING: This course is for over 18s ONLY. It includes sexually explicit language and images. It would be very difficult to deliver sex positive information without it!

Module 1 – Your Sexual Blueprint

Together we will look at the influences and the environment that informed your sexual beliefs and values. You’ll journey back and consider your upbringing, your sex education, and those early messages that could be limiting you.

Module 2 – Who Are You?

Understanding who we are and who we are attracted to plays a huge part in our sex life and our relationships. This module will help you to identify where you sit on the vast spectrum of gender and sexuality; that’s if you don’t already know.

Module 3 – The Body

We will look at the body and how its incredible parts, work for us. No reproduction talk here though! We’re only interested in pleasure.

Module 4 – The Science

A sex-positive look at the science of sex. Understanding what desire is and how it is different from arousal. Why might we avoid sex? How do we get turned on? How can we make changes and what can we change to feel more receptive and positive?

Module 5 – Orgasm

What is an orgasm and why do some people have substantially more of them than others?

Module 6 – Solo Sex (Masturbation)

I couldn’t finish the course without discussing masturbation. Who’s doing it, how important is it, and is it good for you? No one really talks about masturbation, so I decided we should.

You & Sex

#SexPositive Sex Education for Grown-Ups

Unlock Your True Potential With Life Coaching Services

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