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Specialising in Sex Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Sex Coaching and Sex Education

The North Hampshire Clinic was opened by Carol Graham in 2016.  Carol had been a full-time psychotherapist in private practice for many years before she completed her post graduate qualification in psychosexual and relationship therapy.  Carol had been acutely aware of the lack of psychotherapists and counsellors in the North Hampshire area who had specialist psychosexual training enabling them to work ethically and competently with sexual and relationship issues, and so the clinic was born.

At the North Hampshire Clinic, we specialise in Sex Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Sex Coaching and Sex Education. We offer a non-judgmental, safe environment for you to explore your sexuality, your relationships and the problems that they may bring.

We have a healthy outlook on sex and don’t have any trouble talking about it. Sex is fundamental, after all, it is the reason we are all here!

Carol Graham

Founder of the North Hampshire Clinic, Psychotherapist, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, Hypnotherapist and EMDR Practitioner.

Carol specialises in psychosexual and relationship therapy and is the founder of the North Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke. Carol is a fully qualified Psychotherapist, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, Hypnotherapist and EMDR Practitioner. She is an accredited member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT), a senior accredited member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

“I have been enjoying a truly fascinating and rewarding career for many years helping people change their thoughts and behaviours for a better life experience. Using the many tools in my therapeutic tool box, I have helped hundreds of clients with many issues.” Since opening the North Hampshire Clinic, and choosing to specialise in sex and relationship issues, I have noticed that my work hasn’t changed that much. I am still working with fears, phobias, addictions, anxiety, depression, weight and body image issues, confidence and motivation issues. It’s obvious; whatever is going on in your life, if something is affecting your mental health, your physical health, your finances, your work or your relationships, it’s almost surely going to affect your sex life”.

“I have always had a very healthy outlook on sex, I’m sex positive and I’m able to be very open and candid with my clients. I believe it’s because of this, that they very quickly begin to feel at ease. I approach my work with kindness, empathy and a little bit of humour, where it’s appropriate”.

To book an appointment please email or call 07711875819

Martin Fahey

Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Martin is a professionally qualified and experienced Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with a First Class Honours degree in Integrative Counselling from Roehampton University and additional specialist training in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy at The London Diploma of Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. He is a member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

In his work as a Psychosexual & Relationship therapist, Martin has supported LGBTQ++, heterosexual and non-binary couples and individuals from many diverse cultural and social backgrounds; in addition to 12 years in Private Practice, he has worked for the NHS in GUM (Genito Urinary Medicine) clinics in Surrey and Berkshire and with numerous charities such as Terrence Higgins Trust, St. Peter’s House and Positive Action supporting patients and clients with their sex and relationship difficulties.

“My passion is demystifying unhelpful attitudes, social stigmas and shameful feelings about sex and working collaboratively with my clients to help them develop a clearer and meaningful understanding of their sexual and relationship difficulties and desires so that they can embrace the changes they need to make to create the relationship and sex lives that they want.”

“As an Integrative Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, I draw on therapeutic techniques and understanding from the Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Existential, Gestalt, CBT and Attachment models of therapeutic counselling to create a unique, flexible and personalised way of working with you that is tailored to your own specific needs and difficulties.”

“I aim to create a confidential and non-judgemental therapeutic space with you that is safe, trusted and sensitive to your individual needs, so that you can freely explore the issues that are troubling you without feeling judged or forced into making decisions that are not right for you.

Above all, as well as the serious stuff, I aim to create a therapeutic environment that can be fun, playful, humorous and exciting……..after all, isn’t that what healthy sex and relationships are too!!”

If you would like to book an appointment, please call me on 07920 554775

Steven Hayward

Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

I am passionate about living a fulfilled life. I believe this is rooted in positive and satisfying relationships. Sometimes, these relationships become stuck, hit an obstacle, or become overwhelmed by disagreements and conflicts. Sometimes, our bodies do not perform or function sexually in the way we would like them to, which can have a significant impact on our well-being, our sexual satisfaction, and ultimately our relationships. 

I offer a safe space for individuals and couples – where you can be real, be heard, and be free from judgement. I will work with you – for as long as you need – to resolve the difficulty that is causing you discomfort or distress. Everything we discuss is treated with the deepest respect and will always be held in the strictest confidence. 

Please contact me if you have sexual concerns and anxieties, relationship issues individually or as a couple, attachment difficulties, or general struggles with life and existence. 

I am at the North Hampshire Clinic every Tuesday and online via Zoom from my home in Guildford. I am a member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and I am bound by their ethical codes of practice. 

I am friendly with all gender identities, sexual identities, sexual orientations, kinks, fetishes, and alternative relationships. 

COVID UPDATE:  All psychotherapy sessions are held online via Zoom, until further notice. 

I offer individual therapy sessions for £60 and couple sessions for £80. 

Steven Hayward

Psychotherapist (COSRT) | 07843 564412



Jessica Staniforth

Sex Educator and Sex Coach In-Training

Jessica has spent over a thousand hours studying sexology, including teachings directly from two of the top sex coaches in America – Patti Britton and Layla Martin – and sex therapists here in the UK.  Her certification in sex coaching will be completed in 2020.

Jessica is a huge believer that opening up conversation around sex, with our partners, friends, family and communities will lead to more fulfilling and healthy sexual relationships. She also has a real passion for talking about the history of sex “it is truly enlightening the path that sexologists took to get us where we are today” and believes in creating an inclusive, sex positive environment for our children, that she hopes will make them stronger and more resilient!

It is truly enlightening to learn about the path that sexologists took to get us where we are today”  Jessica believes in creating an inclusive, sex positive environment for our children, that she hopes will make them stronger and more resilient!

There is such a fear in our society to learn about sex, which means there aren’t the resources widely available to do so. I struggled to find information that wasn’t superficial, designed to shock or make me feel inadequate. I wish I was taught that there is ‘no normal’ and we should stop comparing ourselves

If you can’t find Jessica talking about sex somewhere, you’ll find her nose in her kindle eating ice-cream, watching Netflix (again with ice-cream) or panting on the floor after personal training, all in the name of self-care!

Professional Organisations

College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists

Accredited member of COSRT, the UK’s leading organisation for Therapists specialising in sexual and relationship issues. For over 30 years it has ensured members keep up-to-date with the latest developments in therapy, providing training and conferences and all therapists abide by a professional code of ethics.

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

A member of BACP, this professional association works to ensure safe, ethical and competent practice in counselling and psychotherapy.

National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

A Senior Accredited Member of NCP. Formed in 1971, members of the Council are bound by a published Code of Conduct to ensure high levels of professional standards, providing a safe and ethical practice for patients. 

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