North Hampshire Group Courses

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin

How many times have you been on a training course and come away with oodles of theory but have failed to integrate your new learning into your practice? How often have you needed to understand parts of the training better, but felt that your tutor was inaccessible to you, so you couldn’t ask more questions? Do you learn better with practice?

Experienced Tutors

Your training will be delivered by experienced practicing therapists, coaches and sex educators, who can give you real-life examples so you can experience the realities of working with sexual and relationship issues.

Practical Learning

Your tutors will be working through practical exercises throughout each of the modules, ensuring you are confident and comfortable to talk to a diverse range of clients about all natures of sex and relationship problems.


We encourage an atmosphere of self-discovery and reflective self-awareness, recognising that a strong clear ‘sense of self’ is crucial in the delivery of effective therapy.

Training in Clinical Sexology

Some of the problems that our clients seek help for, are the very issues that may impact on their sex life and relationships, but we often fail to discuss this during our history taking, or in the treatment or therapy process. This may be because we feel that we don’t have enough knowledge and training on the subject, or maybe we feel embarrassed to talk about sex ourselves. Perhaps we are afraid of using the wrong language or terminology?

Developed by Carol Graham, our intensive two and three day workshops are designed to provide a sound knowledge of clinical sexology and therapeutic practice. Perfect for practitioners working with clients who may present with issues in relation to their sex lives, or relationships.

Our workshops include:

  • Bringing Sex into the Therapy Room (2 Days)
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Sexual Function and Dysfunction (3 Days)
  • Tricky Triangles (3 Days)

It is our responsibility, as health professionals, to ensure that we continue to develop professionally, that we fill any gaps in our knowledge to ensure that we offer our clients an effective, competent service.

If this is an area of training you are interested in, then contact us for more detail about our workshops and upcoming dates.

Our Philosophy

We aim to offer creative, practical and challenging training and workshop experiences that are exciting, lively, liberating and well structured. We offer learning which will promote the qualities that we believe make for competent and effective psychotherapists/counsellors.

​We encourage an atmosphere of self-discovery and reflective self-awareness and recognise that a strong and clear ‘sense of self’ is understood as crucial in the delivery of effective therapy.

​We welcome qualified therapists and health professionals of all disciplines and encourage you to integrate your learning from our trainings into your existing practice, therapeutic applications and mode of working.

​Our work, both as therapists and trainers, is based on a deep respect for the people we are working with, alongside a commitment to empowering individuals to explore their own understandings and make their own choices.

We particularly emphasise the importance of dialogue, connection and relationship in our work.

​We welcome and celebrate a richness of diversity in ability: age, belief, ethnicity, experience, gender, size, life stage, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and other areas where individuals may experience discrimination and judgement.

We recognise that having an aspect of identity which is or has been stigmatised can cause trauma, fear or shame.

Identifying with one strand of diversity does not give any of us the right to judge, discount, discriminate against or make assumptions about someone because they are in a different strand.

​In remaining open, curious and respectful, and in aiming to learn from our collective differences, we equip ourselves to work positively with a great variety of people in a positive and non-oppressive way.

Let’s talk more about training

If you would like to talk more about training to work with sexual and relationship issues, or to enquire about dates of upcoming workshops, please contact us today.