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You & Sex – Coming very soon!

 It’s likely that your sex education, if you had any, only covered very basic information about where babies come from, how not to make a baby, how not to get a sexually transmitted disease and periods. If you were very lucky you may have also received some information about consent. However, very few people were taught about desire, the anatomy of arousal, intimacy, love, relationships and what to do when sex goes wrong. These topics and much much more are now brought to you by the North Hampshire Clinic in an easy to navigate online resource.

Sex & Relationship Therapy Online

It’s not always possible to attend ‘in person, face to face’ therapy sessions at our clinic. Busy work schedules and childcare issues are just two of the many reasons people give for needing their sessions via Zoom.

Zoom sessions are available on request and offer you sex and relationship therapy in the comfort of your own home.