Your Blueprint for Sexual Pleasure

Have you ever wondered how your sex life could be better? Find out who you are and discover a path towards pleasure

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This course is for over 18s ONLY.

“the beginning of my own journey was a happy accident, I never felt my sex life was lacking, but little did I know there was a whole wide world out there that i was missing out on!”

Ask yourself this simple question “Would I want MORE pleasure if I could have it?” I hope that the answer would be ‘YES’. For some many people we speak to they don’t even realise that there is a world they can experience and discover in a safe way. We are bombarded with too many negative messages when it comes to sex that simply talking about it has become a taboo.

What the people have in common that come to speak to us about sex therapy, sex coaching, their relationships, is that they have lived in a world where SEX is a naughty three letter word. That is why we’ve put together this online DIY course ‘Your Blueprint for Sexual Pleasure’. It is a collection of videos, workbook and activities that we use with our clients to discover who we are and what we truly want going forward.

What’s included

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This course is designed to help you to look at yourself, and your sex life in a new sex-positive way. It’s my greatest wish that it will start you on your journey to a more fulfilling sex life.

This course is for over 18s ONLY.